Can You Nail This Psychology Knowledge Test?

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Psychology is the only thing that can truly beat you up in this life. It’s your subconscious that creates your biggest enemies, not other people and their lifestyles. But how much do you know about psychology- which you live with every day? There’s only one way to find out!!

1. Psychology is a science of..

2. Which one of these is the memory type that stores a small amount of information in an active and readily available way?

3. An easy one: If someone is using the left side of their brain, that means that they’re good at..

4. What are the 2 main disciplines of early psychology?

5. Someone who works regularly can remember things better than someone who waits until the last minute and learns everything in one studying session.

6. According to Freud, a child develops the sense of autonomy (independence) until the age of..

7. Cognitive psychology is based on..

8. What is the name of the science that studies the impacts of biologic processes on human behavior?

9. What is the first stage of psychological research?

10. Our brain stores associated information all together. What is this process called?

11. According to Freud’s psychological theory of personality, which one is the ‘unsatisfied animal within us’?

12. Final one: Which one is the name of an illness that causes unusual shifts in mood that includes extreme emotional high and lows?

You need to study harder!

Okay, no one is ‘born a psychologist,’ but everyone needs to know at least a little about psychology. Just buy a psychology book and start reading ASAP!

You passed with the help of your instincts!

It’s obvious that you’re not educated about psychology but you’re pretty good at analyzing people’s behaviors. It’s easy for you to realize the consequences of a certain situation. You have special psychological abilities and you can totally improve them easily!

You’re a psycho psychologist!

You know everything about psychology! When you meet people for the first time, you immediately understand their psychological situation. This is an incredible feature for you, but it might be scary for the people around you.. But you’re so good at controlling your emotions that people never understand that you're a master at the inner workings of their mind! Well done!

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