Can You Get Through This Basic Math Quiz Without Making A Mistake?


Do you trust your math skills? Can you be fast? There is only one way to find out! Let’s see if you can answer all these basic math questions with success in 60 seconds!

1. Let’s start! What’s the answer? Be fast!

2. Let’s move on, fast!

3. Answer? Speed up!

4. Time is running out, come on!

5. 5 times 9?

6. Don’t get nervous: What’s the answer?

7. Come on, you’re too slow!

8. Almost there! 6x7!

9. Not hard at all! Fast!

10. This one is easy! What is seven squared?

11. This one is easier! Fast fast!

12. You have to know this one! What’s the answer?

13. 6 times 8! 6 times 8! 6 times 8!

14. This is the easiest one of the quiz! Come on!

15. Last one! Answer very fast!

Let us buy you a calculator!

We’re sorry to say it but you failed this super easy math test! Don’t complain, our questions were not difficult at all: you just needed to be a little more careful and fast. Whatever, maybe you should spend the rest of your life with calculators. Make them your best friends!!

You ARE a calculator!

It’s unbelievable! Not only have you answered all the questions correct, but you were also very fast! Your math skills are on point; we’re sure there are a lot of people who’re jealous of this feature of you. Now go and use those skills to create good things!

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