Can We Guess Your IQ? Yes, We Can!


Everyone is curious what their IQ level is. To have an answer to your question, solve this test!


1) You have 10 minutes to solve the test. Limit yourself to 10 minutes and if you pass it, stop the test right away.

2) You mustn't use a pencil and a paper while solving the test. You should be solving all the questions only by thinking.

Good luck!

First question: Can you get 13 by adding any numbers from 1,6,3,5,11 ?


When you make a sensible word with the letters given, what does it represent?

An animal
A plant
A city
A country

Which letter has a different design than others?

Which number should follow 26?


How many triangles are there in this model?


''Jessica's father is my father's only son.'' What is this person's relationship with Jessica?

Uncle from the father's side
Uncle from the mother's side
Aunt from the mother's side
Aunt from the father's side

Which number should come instead of ''?'' ?


If Jack gets in front of the mirror and holds his left ear with his right hand, would he see himself as holding his left ear with his left hand?


What is the square root of the number which is six thousand nine hundred four when you read it in in reverse?


Which number should go in the space?


Which one is the opened version of this cube?

What was the color of the triangle in the question ''How many triangles are there in this model?'' (No going back!)


With which of the parts down below can you make the shape in the picture?

What should be the next shape?

Which shape is the same as the shape below?

Which one is different from the others?

Below Average: 70 - 89!

You're unfortunately below average  😔. But don't worry, with a little practice, you can do better. Or people will tear you apart my friend! ( if you didn't care at all about the test, don't mind what we're saying 😉 )

Average: 90-112!

You have average intelligence. But IQ isn't everything, you may have some other type of intelligence. Maybe your EQ is much higher, who knows. Being average is not that bad anyways. You know what they say; you don't need to know all the answers. No one is smart enough to ask you all the questions.

Above average: 113-129!

Your mind works really well. You're really above average and your analytical thinking ability is really impressive. You have the capacity to be successful in every part of life. If you don't sit back and do nothing, you can do things with which people will remember you.

Genius: 130-149!

😮 I think we're standing in front of a genius. First of all, only 3% of the people in the world are as smart as you. Nothing has been invented yet that you can't solve. You can make easy connections between objects and you can find easy solutions to the problems you face. You understand things that other people take days to understand in a blink of an eye. How nice would it be if everyone was as smart as you? Then the world would be a very different place

From outer space!: 150+

😵😵😵 You can't be from this world! We are witnessing something miraculous. This type of intelligence is very rare and to be honest, we don't know what to say. We don't have to tell you what kind of a person you are, you know yourself already. You're among the few people who are as smart as you in this world and you will achieve great things. We do have a favor to ask you oh your highness; don't forget about us in the future...

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