Bullied Woman Decided To Change Her Look And Spent £40k On Plastic Surgery!


Bullied 24-year-old Swiss lady has completely changed her looks and undergone several surgeries!

24-year-old Celine Centino from Zurich was bullied for her looks as a teenager, often getting called 'ugly' or being told her 'ass is too fat'.

She didn’t want to go to school because she was beaten up. She often tried to skip class and was pretending to be sick.

She became so fed up with her insecurities.

“Kids would tell me my face looked like rubbish, my style was ugly, this part of me was not good, that part of me was not good; I couldn't get it right, according to them; they were all mean. They would say I'm ugly, push me and ignore me. I had no chance to show that I'm a great person, they only saw the ‘ugly Celine’,” she said.

She decided to work as a hairdresser and save up some money she could afford plastic surgery.

She ended up having three boob jobs, a nose job and cheek, lip and chin fillers that all cost £38.7K!

After surgeries, she has gained more than 50,000 followers on Instagram and almost 44,000 fans on Facebook.

She says she's received many positive comments from strangers about her look.

She added: "I get different reactions; some people say that I look good and others say that it's all plastic. But the reactions are more positive than negative, and the men go crazy for my look."

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