Blogger Woman Is Forced To Live In A Toxin-Free Sealed Room Because Her Body Rejects Everything In The World!

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Every day, for hours on end, Amelia Hill sits inside her plain 13ft x 13ft room, its large galvanized iron door closed against the outside world, and quietly plans her escape.

She has no television, no radio, no computer, no books or magazines. She sleeps on a metal cot. Her only interaction with visitors — the few she gets — is through the single glass sliding door that last slid open many years ago, and which has long since been permanently shut.

Amelia Hill, nicknamed 'woman in a bubble,' lives as a prisoner in her own Adelaide home and is struggling to survive as her health worsens due to her rare and odd condition.


Amelia Hill (41) is forced to live in a single sealed, toxin-free room and sleeps on the bathroom floor as she is allergic to almost everything in the outside world.

For the past six years, Amelia Hill has been held captive in her own home, and her jailer is one of the world’s strangest, least understood medical conditions.

She says she sometimes experiences 24-hour non-stop loops of 'symptomatic mayhem' that causes her immense physical pain, rashes, fatigue and can leave her unconscious.

And even something as simple as the waft of a cleaning agent can send her into a dizzying symptom relapse, which she says closes her windpipes and almost kills her.

Ms. Hill spent years without a concrete diagnosis and suffered her inexplicable symptoms alone while doctors labelled her a hypochondriac.

She was finally diagnosed at the age of 33 with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Electrohypersensitivity. (EHS)

The former fashion designer worked with luxury brands and was even appointed the editor of a magazine at the age of 21. But by the time she was 30, Ms. Hill's crippling hypersensitivity reached its peak and stopped her from realizing her dreams as she was forced to accept she would never regain her health.

The 41-year-old says she suffers disabling ‘allergic’ type reactions that can last from hours to weeks ever since she was exposed to termite spray when she was 15 years old.

Her body rejects almost everything that healthy people take for granted: books, magazines, furniture, clothes, computers, television, wifi, perfume and even people.

What is EHS?

Electrohypersensitivity or EHS is a physiological condition. 

It is characterized by neurological and immunological symptoms that noticeably flare or intensify upon, or following expose to:

-Electric and magnetic fields (EMF)

-One or more of the types of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) found in the modern environment

Symptoms include, concentration problems, memory lapses, aches or pressure in head, throat and chest, unsteady balance, dizziness, altered heart rate, ringing in the ears, excessive fatigue, numbness or pain in affected areas, sleep disturbances, eye irritation, red skin blotches, and eczema.


Living in long-term isolation in a glass-home on Adelaide Hills is a lonely life for Ms. Hill as she cannot have visitors and is forced to eat from a rotation of only seven foods.

The designer-turned-blogger must sleep on a tiny bed in her bathroom because of her hypersensitivity to dust and bedding.

Her illness means she cannot visit a hospital and medical bills have piled up as she fights her symptoms.

Her crippling condition means exposure to other people makes her very ill, so medical professionals must visit her at home.

Ms. Hill's friend, Jenny Buttaccio, set up a Gofundme page to help raise money for in-home specialist visits, treatments, and essential medical equipment.

So far the page has helped raise over $12,000 for the 'woman in the bubble.'

Ms. Buttaccio said: 'Amelia confided in me that she has started to lose hope, and she's feeling scared for her life. She doesn't want this to be the end of her story. She still has so much more to give.'

Ms. Hill uses the power of words to cope with her lonely existence, and tells her legion of supporters that she is not ready to give up hope.

'Even within the paradigm shattering scenario of serious illness, you will discover some things so profound, that they have the potential to reshape your entire perspective, your world, and even your destiny,' she said.

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