An Unbelievable Method To Prevent Little Girls From Being Raped: Breast Ironing


The Cambridge English Dictionary states that culture is "the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time." Sometimes the 'particular time' is misunderstood and there are places where the same rituals have been going on for hundreds of years. In Africa, there is a method to prevent the girls from being raped and it is beyond ridiculous. Their own mothers, by any means, try to flatten their daughters' breasts. Let's see how and why this ritual still exists.

Violence against women and girls is still carried out by many patriarchal societies on the grounds that they do not conform to their social norms.

This violence is sometimes psychological and is sometimes applied as physical torture.

The tradition of female circumcision, which is still happening in Africa and the Middle East, is one of the forms of physical torture.

In other countries, torture is in different forms such as violence, forced marriage, public pressure, and so on.

Breast Ironing is another medieval torture besides circumcision for women and especially for girls.

This is a brutal method that is still practiced even in today's modern world.

This torture is practiced by mothers who think that the daughters' growing breasts will begin to attract men.

The idea in mind is that the breast, which starts to become bulky and attracts attention, will cause men to abuse the girls.

Mothers who want to protect their girls from sexual intercourse and rape before marriage try to flatten the girl's breasts by pressing hot stones, coconut shells, heated knives and other things like that.

By doing so, they think they will protect their daughters from possible danger.

Mothers are 'doing good' to their daughters until their their breasts are flat.

In their opinion, they will not be attractive to men in this respect, will not have to be removed from the school, and will be kept away from danger.

By smoothening the breasts that represent womanhood, these little children will be able to hide their womanhood.

I say little because they really are. This torture is usually applied to girls living in Africa when they are 9 years old.

When they start coming of age, and their breasts are getting big, their mothers crush or burn them in order to make them flat!

Young girls whose milk glands are crushed can't breastfeed their babies when they become mothers.

As the wound is not well disinfected and protected, the girls catch infections and carry scars and burn marks for all their lives.

This ritual, which is especially observed in the countries located in the African region, is mainly applied in Cameroon.

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But not just in Cameroon, this ritual is also seen in the United Kingdom.

Surprisingly, hundreds of British families still perform this torture on their daughters.

This brutal method is applied to girls when men living in these societies need to be taught that they should not harass or rape girls.

We wish a world where no human being hides anything and never has to be tortured physically or mentally at all!
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