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5 Features That Make V-Count the Best in the People Counting Market


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People counters have revolutionized the retail business.

So much so that retailers today want to test, measure, and iterate everything from store design, to in-store marketing like never before! Withdrawing customer data from physical spaces and then integrating that into mobile and online channels has become a basic need....

It seems that V-Count has taken the matter to heart, and is leading the market by developing breakthrough features to satisfy the increasing demand of retailers.

Here's 5 features that differentiate and thus make V-Count best in the people counting market:

1 - Plug & Play

3G - With an average of  96% counting accuracy, V-Count's most recent 3G people counting device is one of the best in the global market. It's also the only GSM ready (3G) "plug and play" hardware available, making it both efficient and easy to use. The embedded 3G module allows the people counting data to be transferred through your preferred local GSM operators, so the hassle of pulling network cables across locations will be eliminated.

2 - Mobile Comfort

iOS App - V-Count also has its very own V-Count application available on iOS and Android. This means V-Count customers, whether they are a big shopping mall, or a 1 store retailer, will be able to follow up on their Cloud reports from their smartphones with ease. In fact, it seems V-Count's smart device application has a first of its kind new feature that shows real time data of the number of people within a location. So it can calculate the entering and exiting visitors, and then tell you how many people are in your shopping mall in real time!! This is only available with V-Count and has already been a pull factor for many.

3 - Get Data in Seconds

Cloud - From the minute we start counting, we gather all of your data and store it in our Cloud system. Our infinite storage cloud gathers people counting data from our sensors or any other people counting sensor you may use, your sales and revenue data, your marketing campaigns, weather data from our databases. All these data are analyzed with machine learning methods to deliver actionable data about your stores, campaigns, investments, products and operation.

4 - Get Pure Counting Data

Staffing Optimization - Even though on average, visitor counters claim to achieve 95-98% accuracy in counting foot traffic, this does not mean they are. Take for instance a luxury goods store. On a daily basis it might have 100 people entering and exiting the store, of which 40 are staff. So even though the people counter accurately measures 100 entries, it does not mean all 100 were shoppers, in fact only 60 of them were. And thus the customer data supplied to retailers is actually misleading. Staffing optimization solutions like those provided by the V-Count platform have managed to eliminate this long lasting problem of retailers!

This new staffing optimization technology is an application based + Ibeacon product. It is a solution that uses Ibeacon units and a user friendly mobile application installed onto staff smartphones. How does it work? Well once the app is downloaded onto the smartphones, the app automatically checks them in and tracks their activity throughout the day, the minute they come in contact with the beacon radars.

What does this mean for retailers? Minimum hassle, optimum results.

By keeping track of their staff, retailers will be able to deduce the number of staff from their total people counting data and thus for the first time actually achieve 95-98% pure analysis of their shopper base.

Not only that, they will be able to track the ‘staff-to-customer ratio’ on an hourly basis which will help them organize optimum staffing agendas… It goes without saying that accurately scheduling more staff at busy periods will generate you more sales and bring your business more profitability!

5 - Future

3D-  Just when you're thinking what more could you possibly want, the V-Count Platform has announced it will be launching its new 3D camera devices by the beginning of May. This means V-Count People Counting Technologies will now be available and ready to use outdoors, on public transportation, in National Parks and everywhere else you could possibly imagine! The opportunities seem endless at this point...

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Created by an Onedio member. No intervention by Onedio Staff. You can freely create Onedio content.

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