45 Kick Ass Groups You Wish You Were A Part of!


We highly advise this background music before you start reading further. All set? Let’s begin!

1. Power Rangers team

Go go Power Rangers

2. Blade Trinity team

Vampires? No biggie!

3. Fringe trio

Smarty smartsons

4. X-Mean squad


5. Pokemon trio

To be continued..

6. Inception team

We handle the dreams here...

7. Supernatural gang

Till there are no supernatural things left!

8. The Fantastic Four

They come as four. 4in1 pack!

9. Time to go Voltron!

"Voltran voltran voltran.."

10. Transformers! Autobots, let’s roll!

11. The Avengers

Our world is safe with them, sleep peacefully now.

12. Justice League

Where's the movie?!

13. Harry Potter’s trio

Always together...

14. Lost’s crew

Even though they had many fallouts, they did ok.

15. Stop lying, we’ve all been there. Powerpuff Girls!

Sevimli görünümleri sizi yanıltmasın..

16. Prison Break’s crew.

Let's all stick to each other! Except T-Bag.

17. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Not without my pizza!

18. The Lord of the Rings. Be a part of the fellowship!

Fearless, filled with hope!

19. Tsubasa team!

Team spirit!

20. Ghost Busters! Male or female team, no matter!

21. A-Team!

No plan B needed!

22. Sailor Moon fighters

They are all punished now!

23. The penguins of Madagascar

Penguins CAN fly!

24. Ready to lose? The Rocket Team!

25. Finish him! Mortal Kombat squad.

26. Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen or whatevs.

27. Watchmen

28. Charlie’s Angels. Go Angels!

29. The Expendables. This also depends on the amount of steel balls you have!

30. Don’t think we forgot, Star Wars crew!

31. Oh and of course, Star Trek!


32. Matrix’s team.

33. Doctor Who squad.

34. Sherlock Holmes’ duo.

35. You’re lying, I can see it! Lie to Me team.

36. Hellboy squad

37. Fast and Furious gang.

38. Spartacus’ fighters!

39. Be a Spartan! Dine with us tonite in hell! 300 Spartans!

40. Scooby Doo team. Scoop scoop!

41. How many walkers have you killed? The Walking Dead team.

42. Guardians of the Galaxy

43. Police Academy squad

44. HIMYM gang

45. Lastly…Friends’ gang!

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