29 Thrilling Photos Prove That Nature Is Always A One Step Ahead Of Us

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Mother nature is above all of us. Here are 29 thrilling photos to prove it. Also we are warning you, it's not for SENSITIVE PEOPLE!!!

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1. "Dracula, whatcha doin' in my backyard!"

Besides kidding, this little creature called fox bat or flying fox and their real. They live in Philippines and they're 5 feet long. But no worries, they are gentle giants and only eat fruits.

2. Lizard family behind the dresser.

Fun fact: while some lizards lay eggs, others give birth.

3. Bird Tornado

BIRNADO! It's a habit of starling birds.

4. These little toads are using a python as a ride.

5. Using a pike's mouth as a nest. Birds are crazy animals!

Pike fish actually is a great predator. Thank god this is way dead.

6. You're not gonna believe but this is the least harmful spider in Australia.

Don't let his long legs intimidate you because this spider is totally harmless. They won't bite you unless you provoke. Also it's called huntsman spider and it's not venomous.

7. Nope, you can not ride you bike today dude!

Did you know all bees swarm when the queen bee leaves the nest.

8. This little getto, lives inside a toy spider.

Gettos can leave anywhere except Antartica. They also develop a special camouflage technique so they can avoid predators.

9. A big bird problem in Texas.

Every winter birds migrate from colder places to warmer places. So this must be a migration colony.

10. Imagine you came across with this sawfish while you're swimming.

It's large denticles gives the impression of a giant chainsaw, this is why it's called sawfish and they defend themselves with it.

11. Lizard shed it's entire face.

12. Someone found this on the shore.

This was found in Australia and it's probably an anemon. It's special kind of anemon called armed anemon. This thing can sting you so bad that it takes months to heal.

13. This little pal is trying to save a fox that froze under the water.

14. Spiders cocooned the tree to save themselves from flood.

This image is taken in Pakistan in 2010. The local folks was very surprised.

15. A deep-deep water sea squid in Alaminos Canyon.

Around the Gulf of Mexico, it lives 7800 ft deep. It's tentacles are around 8 meter.

16. A beehive found inside an old house.

Bees are important insects but also they are dangerous for the sake of the house. They can damage the walls by causing mold and they should be removed immediately. Don't harm them though, call the beekeepers, they know what to do.

17. If you're wandering what a hedgehog skeleton looks like; here it is.

18. A nightmarish creature is found on the shores; snaggle-toothed snake eel.

19. This is macro mutation; this guy has eyes inside it's mouth.

20. Owl's eyes can be seen through their ears.

"These owls' unusually large earholes and eyes also offer a "behind the scenes" peek at their visual system, showcasing the evolutionary adaptations in sight and hearing that make the birds so successful at stealthy nighttime hunting" photographer Jim McCromac said.

21. Spiderman, Spiderman does whatever a spider can.

22. This mushroom found its life on a fox skull.

It's called Lactarius Rubidius, also known as "candy cap." Instead of directly eating, people are using this mushroom for flavoring.

23. Snake was electrocuted then bitten by another snake, which was also electrocuted.

Maybe it was a rescue attempt but they shared the same faith.

24. Here's one more reason not to run.

Ratsnakes are not venomous but if you found one in your shoes get a glove while trying to pull it off because if you don't, it will cover your hand with a smelling musk.

25. Yeast growing bigger and bigger inside a forgotten orange juice for a year.

26. A cannibal plant; Hydnora Africana

27. Kill or be killed.

Even though this snake is a baby, these locusts are not small as you think.

28. Weird mold growing out of a cat food that left for 10 days.

Even though it looks weird af, it's not toxic or harmful. But don't touch it anyway. Also it's called phycomyces if you're wondering.

29. This crazy insect sucks other insects blood and wears their corpses.

It's preys protects him from jumping spiders.

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