29 Things People Who Loooove Breakfasts Will Understand


Do you get all drooly and hungry when someone says breakfast? Is breakfast the most important part of your day? We got 29 things to get you all covered. We hear ya!

1. You think about what to eat in the morning the moment you get into bed.

I definitely have tea, got some salami and some new cheese. I’ll make some fried bread too. Mmmhh, sweet dreams.

2. When you go to bed late, you feel happy that you don’t have long till breakfast time.

You even go to bed early sometimes to skip to breakfast. Don’t lie.

3. This is how you feel when a kid goes into a candy shop. You can get totally lost checking all these out.


4. You LOVE open buffet breakfasts and you feel sad you sometimes can’t try everything.

5. Pushing your buttons doesn’t it…?

6. It’s not surprising most of your principles can be traced back to breakfast and starting the day strong.

7. You never understand why restaurants serve breakfast until 11-12am.

8. For you, breakfast has no time. You can have breakfast at 5pm. Who could say no?

9. All the perfectly cooked eggs you see in the commercials blow you away…

10. You immediately become Pavlov’s dog when you see something like this. Oh gosh.

11. You have respect for all the different types of breakfasts in different countries.

12. You turned down so many meeting offers from friends but thankfully, no breakfast meetings were missed.

13. You even were the first one to show up to these events.

14. The food photos you share on social media are just about breakfast tables.

15. Brunch can mean late breakfast to some. But for you, it’s a second breakfast. YAY!

16. You are the one ordering all the big breakfast platters to the middle when you go out.

17. You know all the places that offer unlimited coffee for breakfast.

18. Hunger is something else but skipping breakfast…

19. This is why people never mess with you if you still didn’t have your breakfast.

Even your boss!

20. People who want to surprise you or make you happy know what to do!


21. You can marry the first person who wakes you up with a breakfast tray.

22. If he brings the breakfast to the bed, you can just get married right there.

23. You can have any type of food that can be included in a breakfast menu.

24. When you see people leaving a full breakfast table on TV, you feel destroyed.

25. You love breakfast because it can be very plain and simple.


26. You also love it because it can expand A LOT!

27. It has no limits…

28. It makes you happy. You see the world differently.

29. You love it because its core remained the same for centuries!

Please pretty please stay the delicious, mouth-watering, perfect way you are!

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