27 Mistakes We Keep Making Every Day!

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> 27 Mistakes We Keep Making Every Day!

We complete many different tasks during the day and we don't spend too much time analyzing those behaviors. 

Well, there are ways to improve our life just by changing small habits. Find out the mistakes you've been doing all your life and change those with these alternatives!

Shall we start?


1. We eat the wrong foods.

Sugary processed foods are taking up a lot of space in our lives. Instead of sugary foods, you should go for grains, fruit, and vegetables. 

Although it oil is usually believed to be dangerous, you should consume good oils such as avocado or olive oil.

2. We do the wrong exercises.

Many people tend to go workout in the morning so that they burn more calories. This makes the muscle gain process more difficult.

Find a way to include interval cardio into your workout routine. Change your workout routine on a regular basis so that your body doesn't get used to the same thing.

3. We wear the wrong clothes.

Instead of focusing on what to wear, focus on what you won't wear. Gain the ability to find what highlights your best features.

4. We sit the wrong way.

Don't put all of your weight on one leg when crossing your legs. This habit will eventually create an imbalance around one side and it might be difficult to fix that.

5. We stand in front of computers the wrong way.

The people who work with computers usually look at their computers by bending their bodies forward. Focusing on a single point for long hours can cause a weakness in the eye muscles. This might lead to problems in your sight after a while.

6. We don't listen to others.

We only listen to others in order to answer them. Leave this habit behind and focusing on listening to what they are saying in order to communicate properly.

7. We spend so much time doing nothing.

It's important to be energetic and active throughout the day. The best thing you can do is to skip the elevators and use the stairs. Get off of the bus before your stop. Make sure you develop the habit of drinking water regularly.

8. We wake up the wrong way.

Try to think about positive things before you go to sleep. Set a goal for the next morning and think about 3 things that you are grateful for.

9. The best way to open a tab you've mistakenly closed:

All you have to is to press CTRL + Shift + T! And, it's back!

10. We throw away plastic bottles the wrong way.

Squeeze the bottle and put the cap back on. This way, the bottle will take up less space in the trash.

11. We use high-octane gas in our cars.

High-octane gas only has advantages for cars with high compression engines.

12. We wear our coats in the wrong places.

Most of the people wear their coats inside the car or on trains on winter days. This causes the body temperature to reduce. This way, when we go outside, we feel much colder than it actually is.

13. We flush the wrong way.

It's not wise to flush with the toilet lid open. This causes the dirty water particles to fly around easily. If your toothbrush is near the toilet seat, maybe you should consider finding a new place for it.

14. We crack eggs the wrong way.

We crack the eggs by hitting them on the side of the pan and this causes small egg shell pieces to get into our food. For that reason, crack the eggs on a flat surface and open them into the pan afterward.

15. We eat chicken wings the wrong way.

Most of us start eating chicken wings as they are and leave the bones to the end. Instead of doing this, hold the thinner bone, twist and pull it. This way you'll remove the bone easily and enjoy the meat.

16. We take off our t-shirts the wrong way.

When we want to take off our t-shirts, we hold them from the bottom and pull it over our head. Instead of doing this pull from the left arm with your right hand and take it off by pulling over your head.

17. We drink diet soda with artificial sweeteners.

Diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners and those sweeteners activate insulin in the body. When insulin is activated, your body starts to collect fat for later. Congrats, you've just collected a whole Big Mac around your body!

18. We moisturize our skin wrong way.

Don't rub your face when you are applying moisturizers. Apply the moisturizer gently as possible.

19. We tie our shoes the wrong way.

When the shoe laces are not parallel to the floor, they tend to come untied easily.

20. We peel potatoes the wrong way.

It is possible to peel potatoes without having a peeler. Take the boiled potatoes and put them inside cold water. Now, you can easily remove the peels by hand.

21. We clean mixers the wrong way.

Don't try to clean up a mixer by rubbing it. Put in some water and drops of dish washing liquid, and turn on the mixer. It will clean itself.

22. We crap the wrong way.

22. We crap the wrong way.

According to science, you might be following bad advice on the toilet. Being seated during a bowel movement is not natural. Crouching causes the rectum to stay straight. This way a smooth disposal is achieved. When you are seated the muscle is under pressure and makes everything difficult!

23. We put bobby pins in the wrong way.

23. We put bobby pins in the wrong way.

Most women are constantly putting in bobby pins the wrong way!

24. We wear headphones the wrong way.

24. We wear headphones the wrong way.

You should wear headphones with cables wrapped around your ears.

25. We hold pizza the wrong way.

25. We hold pizza the wrong way.

Hold the slice of pizza from the crust and fold it in from the sides so that it has an U-shape.

26. We start eating an apple the wrong way.

26. We start eating an apple the wrong way.

Most people start eating apples from one side. Actually, the right way to eat an apple is to start from the top and eat toward the bottom.

27. We do squats wrong way.

27. We do squats wrong way.

When you are doing squats you have to lower your body so that your hips become parallel with your knees. If you don't do squats like this, you might injure your knees because of the excessive weight.