27 Great Upsides Of Reading Regularly


How much of a bookworm are you?

1. People who read regularly never get bored. Just opening the book at home, on the bus, metro, etc. is more than enough to stop the boredom.


2. You can talk about some movies before they come out, because you have read the book.


3. Reading develops vocabulary. You can use 'fancy' words.


4. Moreover, you will have quotations that are suitable for every situation.

And you, of course, don't share quotations for those philosophers, writers and poets that actually don't belong to them on social media, which is an undeniable upside.

5. Every book will give you points of view about other lives, people and character. This will improve your empathy skills and you will become much more open-minded.


6. Research shows that reading regularly establishes new neuron connections in the brain, which means that you become more intelligent.


7. Being a good reader rids you of the negative thoughts you have about being alone. You will start to like being alone, because you are actually not alone when you have books.


8. Another great upside is that you will learn many new things.


9. You don't have an internet connection, or the electricity is cut off?? No problem! You can light a candle and read your book.


10. You will be a person for whom it is easy to buy gifts. People will give you books and you will be happy.


11. The facts and routines of real life might be boring. However, the things that a book will make you imagine will be way more vivid.


12. Books aren't decorative items, but then I still can't think anything better than books for decoration, either. Hence, you won't need other items to decorate your home.

13. It will improve your creativity.


14. Let's say you are trying to get to know a new person. If they say they don't like reading, you don't have to waste anymore time. They have failed the test.


15. Because of reading alone, you can start conversations in many different topics.


16. You will have a better idea about what you want, or at least what you don't want in life.


17. You might be in a small room at home while reading, however in your mind, you will be traveling across continents, or maybe through time, and exploring the unknown civilizations of the past or future.


18. Reading will make you more sensitive.


19. You will learn about some cultures that you normally wouldn't have the chance of getting to know, only by reading.


20. Reading will help you focus.


21. And reading regularly about a field that you have studied or worked on will make you an expert in that field.


22. Which will be the key for you to make more money.


23. Reading will help you change your life.


24. Research also shows that reading strengthens the memory.


25. You will have more self-discipline.


26. After a long and tiring day, even reading a passage or a few poems from a book that you love will lower your stress.


27. Even if not all of these turn out to be true for you, reading is great for its own sake because books are actually great!

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