25 'Monsters' Who Eat Food In A Very Unsettling Way


Have you got any respect to your food?!

1. Alright.

2. FBI! Open the door!

3. Oh no.

4. Just stop.

5. Okay. Stop it. Now.

6. Why tho?

7. It's obviously not an apple.

8. Oh boy.

9. Eating the best part first is the way to making yourself regret when you finish it.

10. Ice cream with fries seems really popular.

11. How do you even come up with it?

12. It's an alright way.

13. When you have 3 items left in your fridge and $0 in your bank account:

14. What a monster.

15. 😐

16. It's actually good so jokes on us.

17. Why!?

18. Sushi, honey, I'm so sorry.

19. Literal. Monsters.

20. This looks fantastic until you pick it up.

21. What's the point of making it watery?

22. Sorry man, that sucks.

23. Americans get headaches looking at this.

24. So unsettling.

25. A sandwich?

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