24 Rare Photos From the Past


We are continuing to dwell in past in our historical photo series. You can take a look at the previous one here.

1. Even Mick Jagger doesn't stand a chance against Alain Delon

2. Usame Bin Laden traveling Sweden with his family, 1970

3. Hat fashion of New york, 1939

4. Alfred Hitchcock playing with his grandchildren, 1960

5. Iranian women protesting the mandatory headwear, 1979

6. George Lucas and Steven Spielberg dueling with water guns, 1983

7. Dior models at Moscow streets, 1956

8. First Bond Girl Linda Christian, 1945

9. Titanic's last picture

10. Tesla in his laboratory

11. Coca-Cola's first times in France, 1950's

12. A sixteen year old Arnold Schwarzenegger at his first bodybuilding competition

13. Basketball's inventor James Naismith and his wife

14. A kid seeing television for the first time, 1948

15. Aftermath of a snowball fight in Princeton University, Beginning of 1900's

16. A graduation ceremony form 1895

17. A flood disaster in Paris, 1924

18. Photo of a Native American, 1926

19. Frida Kahlo posing with men clothes, 1926

20. Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger at same train, 1967

21. Ernest Hemingway after a party

22. A French lighting Winston Churchill's cigarette, 1944

23. A smoke break in the construction of GE buildingı, 1932.

24. Japanese Geisha's, 1920's

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