23 Spooky Works Of An Artist Who Creates Drawings To Raise Mental Health Awareness


An artist called Riftress tries to raise awareness for mental health by creating drawings of stickmen. His ongoing project is called Stickmen’s Series.

He says he trained himself by spending time alone with his art and drew stick men whenever he experienced strong emotions or thoughts. The only thing that helped him while he experienced those strong emotions and thoughts was the doodles of those stick men. It was the best decision for him to put them to paper and give them life.

“Art was once my only friend, and art is now my best friend,” Riftress says. Let’s see the work of a strong friendship!

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1. Balance

2. Reach

3. Rain

"Rain, rain, fall on me; help me grow into a tree. Beauty's often born from pain so let it rain, let it rain."

4. Tug Of War

5. Release

6. Creep

"That moment when you close your eyes is when they start to creep and rise. When you try to wake, you'll find they don't just live inside your mind."

7. Parasite

8. Morality, Mortality

"Tick tock" sings the clock; when will your time come to stop? Days are numbered so act fast and know this: you aren't your past.

9. Tethered

"Let me..." "Please don't..." "...go."

10. Cage

"Lock me in your gilded cage. Free me, let me turn the page."

11. Rise

"Take to the sky defy fear and try to spread those wings and dare to fly."

12. Smile

"Slap on the smile and hold it tight. Don't let the tears fall into sight. For if they do, remember this: they'll all judge you for your weakness."

13. Drain

14. Reflection

15. Fly

"I wish to fly back to the simpler days; back to a place where my innocence lays."

16. Performance

17. Shut-in

"Let me in." "Let me out."

18. Create

"I will create the cure that will recreate me."

19. Dare

"Watch them rise into the air. Try it? No, I wouldn't dare. That there is the reason you fail to fly the way they do."

20. New

21. Spill

22. Aripiprazole*

*Name of the medicine that is used for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

23. Tears

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