21 Very Interesting Things You Don't Know That Can Actually Kill You!


We all heard weird death stories from people. Daily objects, food, ladders... Things you can never think of can cause extremely serious accidents. Here's a list of 21 of them. Remember to be careful!!

Source: http://www.cracked.com

1. Caterpillars


Caterpillars have killed over 500 people since 1967.

A caterpillar species called Lonomia Obliqua is as dangerous as a rattlesnake. This species can cause hematocele with its poisonous spikes.

2. Televisions


In United States, 215 people lost their lives by getting trapped under televisions in the years between 2000-2011.

3. Salt


Salt is known to be used as a suicidal technique in China for many years.

Two teaspoons of salt is enough to kill a baby. Deliberately or not, there are many families that have poisoned their children with salt. In 1963, a hospital mistakenly killed 6 babies by feeding them with a salty mixture.

4. Rugs and carpets


It's hard to believe this, but carpets can cause deaths.

Every year, around 3800 people who are over 65 years old slip and fall because of carpets and rugs.

5. Elevators


Every year, 27 different people die during elevator maintenance.

6. Stairs


Every year, staircases cause around 12,000 people to die.

7. Parks


Over the last 10 years, 147 people died at the parks.

8. Bouncy Playgrounds


Bouncy playgrounds caused 12 deaths and over 113,272 injuries between years 2003 and 2013.

9. Trees


Every year, over 100 people fall from trees or get crushed under the trees and lose their lives.

10. Cheating on your partner


75% of deaths that happened during sex is because of the stress that is caused by cheating on a partner.

11. Indoor heating systems


You might want to swap to blankets after reading this. Every year, around 10,000 places caught fire because of heating systems. This fire incidents cause around 190 deaths in a year.

12. Dryers


Dryers cause around 2900 fires every year. According to research, clogged filters cause over 100 injuries and 5 deaths each year.

13. Ladders


Every year, 355 people in the USA fall from ladders and lose their lives. 

Between 2001 and 2010 there were 5000 serious injuries related to ladders. 55.8% of them happened during construction work and 1.6% of the accidents happened in the public sector. To sum up, 1 out of 3 people who fall from ladders experiences serious injuries.

14. Hot Dogs


Every year, around 13 children lose their lives eating hot dogs.

Every year over 10,000 children choke on food and go to the ER. Over 77% of them lose their lives. In 17% of these cases, the cause of death is a hot dog.

15. Curtains and window shades


7 children lost their lives by choking themselves with curtain and window shade strings in 2014.

Over the last 30 years, 300 children who are under 2 years old were dead because of those strings.

16. Painkillers


According to research done in 2004, the painkillers that contain Tylenol can be dangerous for health. These painkillers caused 56,000 people to go to the ER, 2,600 to be hospitalized, and 458 people to die each year.

17. Insomnia


When was the last time you slept for 7-9 hours? If you don't remember, think again, because insomnia can cause serious accidents. Every year, Insomnia causes 1,500 people to die and over 40,000 people to go through injuries in the USA.

18. Lawn mowers


Lawn mowers kill around 90 people every year!

19. Bedside pillows


In between 2006 and 2012, 23 newborn babies died by choking themselves with these pillows, only in the US.

20. Balloons


Balloons choked 121 children between 1973-1988. Between 2010-2012, 12 children died for the same reasons.

21. Viagra


From the first day of its release, Viagra caused 522 people to lose their lives. Unfortunately, this number is increasing every day.

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