21 Student Only Inventions Pushing The Boundaries Of Creativity


Students are much more creative when they face hunger, limited supplies and time. This leads into very creative and actually very efficient creations. 

These stuff will make you glad you are past college but still realize how fun those years were. And if you are still a student, write these down and you’ll thank us later!

1. Use the coffee machine to boil your hot dogs and heat the bread with the steam coming out of it!

2. Looking sexy is our main right! Yeah, right…

3. Taking ironing to not the next but very previous levels…

4. All the effort to eat that warm slice of pizza.

5. Picking up salad and everything else just got a lot easier.

6. It’s a nice idea but you should keep the head high from the to time.

7. Need a place to store all your beer and keep them cold? Problem solved!

8. Home-made Jacuzzi ready to serve.

9. Cold sandwiches, no, Sir!

10. Sportsmanship combined with pasta making skills.

11. Got no money for a new shower head? Time to get creative.

12. It’s never a simple laundry machine…Surely not an innocent one either!

13. Your only solution to wake up when you have to!

14. And you thought we’d pay thousands for a brand new headset? Here’s your surround sound quality.

15. Protecting technology AND future generations.

16. Literally drilling that paper.

17. No time to wash the dirty spoons.

18. One bottle, to rule them all!

19. This umbrella can cover four people!

20. Who has that kind of money to buy Bose iPhone docks? There you go!

21. Have you tried our new blender? It’s a bit messy, though!

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