21 People Who Did Not Have The Slightest Bit Of Luck


Some people are just naturally unlucky.

Source: https://brightside.me/wonder-curiosities...

1. "It's just like it was on the radio!!!"

2. You had one job.

3. Sad.

4. Well...

5. Loop.

6. 🤔

7. “This is why you should always hide a spare key...”

8. Headphones that broke off so perfectly...

9. Shake it, shake it!

10. “I almost had a heart attack this morning...”

11. *John Cena voice* Are you sure about that?

12. A'ight.

13. Oh, silly you!

14. He must have cheated on the exams.

15. "You always hear about people eating wax fruit by accident but never think it could be you."

16. Oh boy.

17. It's his fault.

18. "Is it funny because the Mr. Bump cup broke or because Mr. Bump survived unscratched?"

19. Humanity has lost yet once more.

20. "She ordered a balut egg while out to eat...and then it hatched into her new best friend."

21. How do Disney princesses manage that?

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