21 Parents Whose Expectations Did Not Meet The Realities Of Having A Kid


And we are terrified.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/mikespohr/21par...

1. Keep a straight face. Keep straight.

2. She needs a break.

3. Lowering the expectations:

4. Omg.

5. Being a parent sounds amazing.

6. "Honey, there's no water. Oh, no. Please stop crying."

7. Oh, the struggle.

8. 😂😂

9. No lies.

10. That doesn't sound so great.

11. He is going to be big.

12. Sounds like a family fight in the making.

13. "A cute thing." Sure.

14. 😂

15. Oh.

16. The bank always wins, kiddo.

17. She's just trying to get through whichever day it is.

18. I do that to myself.

19. 😂

20. Tea?

21. Eventually.

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