21 Moments When Physics Went Wrong


People this is not how you physic : /

1. "Global warming? What global warming?"

2. "Newton! I defy you!"

3. They said I could be anything so I become a bird

4. Hey look I'm a refrigerator magnet

5. Real life Assassin's Creed.. Wait what?

6. When you are out of your mind

7. The 'Deal with it' bottle

8. This possessed dog

9. This probably happened when laws of nature were busy

10. They build the structure around it

11. You can never be a balloon nailed to wall cool

12. Here comes: The Butter Man!

13. You thought you were good at limbo?

14. Gravity? No, thanks.

15. Screw you guys I'm going home

16. Little finger man. Little finger (Not the one from Game of Thrones)

17. Me seeing my bed after a long day of hard work

18. Look ma! No hands!

19. Hey ball! You are supposed to bounce : /

20. Okay. This makes sense I think. Right?

21. Hey physics come here you are needed!

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