21 Awesome Nutrients For A Stronger Immune System During Winter!


Freezing colds are right away! But how are we going to protect ourselves when the cold and flu season comes around? We compiled the foods that are great for your immune system to fight invading bacteria, viruses and tumor cells. We suggest you consume these foods with a balanced exercise and sleep routine.

1. Tomatoes

You can boost your immune system by getting a decent amount of lycopene from tomatoes.

2. Citrus

Citrus fruits contain Vitamin C and act as antioxidants to protect our bodies. Kiwi and apricot are also suggested other than citrus for gut flora.

3. Source of vitamin C and E broccoli

We suggest you eat especially steamed or boiled broccoli to stay healthy.

4. #1 source of lignans: Flaxseed

Flaxseed is one of the best for lung and breast cancer prevention.

5. Weapon against cancer: onion and garlic

Onion and garlic fight cancer, especially gastric cancer. Plus, its antiviral properties will keep you protected from cold and flu bacteria.

6. Vitamin A and C source :spinach

It’s suggested to eat spinach at least 2 times with olive oil.

7. Soy

Soy is good to prevent cancer, osteolysis and heart diseases

8. High-protein eggs

Protein is a key immune-boosting nutrient

9. Microbe fighter: Fish

Omega-3 fats will also help you to boost your memory, as well as your immune system.

10. Ginger and Curcuma

They’re especially effective in cancer prevention. Researchers prove that ginger is quite effective in destroying colon cancer.

11. Enemy of cancer: Pomegranate

It’s recommended to eat it with its seed.

12. Antiviral Echinacea

It will protect you against viruses and prevent cold & flu. It’s recommended to use it 2-3 weeks and take a break for a while.

13. Walnut, almond and apricot

You can boost your immune system with apricot’s vitamin A, walnut’s omega-3 and almond’s vitamin E.

14. King of the probiotics: Yogurt and kefir

Probiotic foods help to keep beneficial bacteria in our bodies to keep the bad ones away. They boost our resistance by strengthening our digestive system.

15. Vitamin C source: Parsley

You can consume parsley when it’s raw or by blending it.

16. Flush your toxins away: Water!

Water protects us from diseases by cleaning up the toxins in our bodies. Consuming 3 liters of water every day is recommended for a healthier immune system.

17. Source of selenium: Brown rice

Brown rice contains a decent amount of selenium that fights cancer cells. Whole grain products will also provide the selenium you need.

18. Source of vitamin and minerals: Pumpkin

Pumpkin contains vitamins and minerals that act as antioxidant.

19. Red pepper with beta carotene.

Red peppers contain high amounts of beta-carotene, which your body converts to vitamin A and boosts immunity.

20. Keep illness at bay with green tea

An antioxidant in green tea supports our immune system.

21. High in B12: Red meat

Red meat contains an enormous amount of B12 and folic acid that keeps the diseases away.

Hope these tips help you to get through the cold & flu season!

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