20 Things Making You Totally Flip The Table!


We all have these moments. We realize and get that complete fury rush, flip the table and curse the sh*t out of everything! Now please try and be calm as you scroll down this article.

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1. When you think you have enough balance on your travelcard, but you don't...Might as well head back home.

2. You missed the stop or you took the wrong bus.

3. Sudden urge to desperately pee.

Especially during important meetings and moments.

4. Your friends telling you a bird took a crap on you.


5. Having flies, bugs and everything stuck in your face while you ride your bicycle.

6. Lighting your last cigarette backwards and then trying to save it desperately.

7. Having cigarette ash on your clothes.

It always goes for the new shirt or sweater you bought.

8. Ew! Piece of bone inside your meatball or chicken!

9. Biting your tongue or cheek as you gobble up the food.

WORST 10 seconds of your life.

10. Wind+umbrella = F*CK!

Such a pain in the ass.

11. Having that dumbass drive over the water puddle...


12. Realize you left your umbrella at home and it's raining.

Damn you Murphy!!!!

13. Uh oh...Time to go Bear Grylls mode.

14. Leaving your fly undone...

15. Missing a shirt button when you are in a hurry or buttoning them in the wrong order...

16. Getting 'that' accident when you crouch, reach down...

17. Realize you left an important document at home as you are halfway towards the spot.

18. Ladies...We hear ya.

For guys, it's the unwanted toe holes on your socks and it happens when you think you'd never take your shoes off...

19. Realize you typed nothing at all as you thought you were typing without looking at the screen.

All those ideas, nice words and sentences now stuck in limbo!

20. Stepping on 'things'.

Especially when you bought a brand new shoe!

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