19 Interesting Facts About DNA: The Building Blocks Of Evey Living Thing In The Universe!


Protect your beloved genetic material, your DNA! Because you'll transfer it to your children, grandchildren...

Happy World DNA Day!

1. Chimpanzees and humans share 98% of their DNA.

2. On the other hand, we share 60% of our genes with bananas!


3. If we could write 60 words per hour for eight hours a day, it would take almost 50 years to finish the gene sequence of DNA.


4. If we could unwrap the DNA helixes in all the cells of our bodies, we could reach to Pluton, 10 million kilometers away, and return back to Earth!


If we could unwrap the DNA helixes in all the cells of our bodies, it could reach to Pluto, 6 million miles (10 million km) away, and come back to Earth!

5. 8% of our DNA was passed on from the viruses which tried to infect us in the prehistoric times.


6. The gene sequence of the people around us is 99.9% the same. The remaining 0.1% gene sequence is enough to make us different.


7. According to the genetic map of the Neanderthals, Homo Sapiens other than those of African origin, carry 1% to 4% Neanderthal genes.


8. DNA in a cell is damaged thousand times a day; but there is a complex system constantly active in the cell for repairing DNA. This prevents our genes from mutating.


If cases when this system does not function properly, the cell can divide uncontrolled and turn into a cancer cell.

9. About 2 grams of DNA can contain all the information stored on all the computers on the face of the earth.


10. If you had a bone marrow transplant, you can mistakenly get arrested if your donor commits a crime because you carry his/her DNA too.


Your donor's DNA will take its place in your blood, your hair, and your saliva.

11. Although your DNA sequence is not affected by environmental factors, the functioning of the genes may be.


12. The human penis, once covered with thorns, lost this feature due to a gene loss in the DNA.



13. We're closer than we think to the friends we feel close to because we carry more common genes with our close friends than other people.


14. A study revealed that DNA affects musical ability more than practicing.


So, if you don't have the right gene sequence, you may not be a musical genius.

15. The happiness of the Danish is related to their DNA, leaving aside the economic and social factors!


It's not just a coincidence that Denmark is this happy, being that they are at the top of the happiest countries list.

16. Leaving aside cosmetic products, your DNA determines, to a great extent, your appearance when you get old.


However, when we consider that environmental factors would affect our appearance in old age, it's better to quit smoking and having more sunlight.

17. If you constantly eat junk food, you'll leave prints of these foods on your DNA. Because any food disturbing the bacteria in your body would affect your DNA because of the enzymes released by these bacteria.


In short, your DNA knows what you're eating. 

On the other hand, if a family starved for three generations, DNA encodes this situation and produced offspring that can fight this condition.

18. Your DNA is lazy just like you. 90% of the genes in your DNA does nothing all day.


The activation patterns of genes changes from cell to cell.

19. Smoking during pregnancy causes weaknesses in the baby's DNA. As a result, these unfavourable conditions continue throughout the life of the newborn.

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