18 Life Hacks That Will Make Most of Your Problems Go Away


''Why wouldn't we know that earlier??''

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1. Use your dish rackupside-down so you can place more items easily:

2. Buy differently-covered silicone tips to keep your earbuds straight:

3. How to open a beer bottle without an opener and with only one hand!

4. Need more space? Put your cutting board on one of your counters:

5. Need more space in your freezer? Flatten your food up:

6. How to store leftover pasta sauce:

7. Extend your too-short-shower-curtain by adding more rings like that:

8. Instead of getting travel adapters for all of your devices, just buy one adapter — and a regular power strip.

9. Use binder clips to hang up your bags of frozen veggies, like this:

10. If you need to remove screws left in your walls, use a wine corkscrew like this:

11. Use a funnel to easily pit cherries:

12. And here's a way to store the lids for your pots and pans — affix command hooks inside cabinet doors, like this:

13. Slice an old tennis vall to create a practical and fun holder for keys, rings, pens etc. and don't forget to put googley eyes on it:

14. Use a rubber band to organise your pencil-box:

15. Whenever you need to hang something on your wall with two nails, use masking tape like this to get the spacing and alignment right:

16. A cut-up plastic soda bottle will protect your hands from hot grease when you're flipping something in your pan:

17. If your wrench is too big, stick an extra coin in there and carry on:

18. Finally, if you need to top up your engine oil but don't have a funnel, use a screwdriver or your dipstick and let the oil run down without spillage:

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