18 Harsh Realities You'll Face If You Didn't Study What You've Wanted!

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> 18 Harsh Realities You'll Face If You Didn't Study What You've Wanted!

College is supposed to be the best 4 years of our lives. For some people, this isn't true. College years can become a living hell if you don't like your school or major. The 18 realities below are relatable for those people, who lack the passion for it.

1. When you chose your major because you were programmed by your family to do so and you realize it is not for you in one of the classes.

This is why you have to make your own decisions.

2. Or when your SAT score sucks but you feel like you have to get in somewhere because you don't want to spend another semester to study for it.

3. You try to like the classes you are taking but float away from them day by day.

4. You probably used all of your absences and don’t go to the classes with no attendance policy. You usually beg your friends to sign for you on the attendance sheet.

5. You start to wonder if you should change your major or your college.

6. Adults start to state how much time you would lose if you changed it and blame you for your choice.

7. You start to dream about what you could do if you were in the major you are passionate about.

8. You can't really understand people who talk like life is all about the money making majors. What happened to dreams?

9. While you are in the class you start singing "What am I doing here? I do not belong here" in your head.

10. You know that the worst part hasn't yet come and you will have to do the job you hate for the rest of your life.

11. While you try to graduate from college, your high school drop out friends swim in money and make you question yourself.

12. Every midterm is torture because it makes you study what you hate for hours.

13. When you take a glance at your past, you feel like egging your high school guidance teacher's house.

14. You get pissed when your friends say that you are almost done and you should be patient.

15. Either your college years goes on and on, or you graduate with a low GPA.

16. You feel like everyday your gut tells you to change things.

17. In short, it is like rowing against the tide or eating the food you hate everyday.

Hopefully everybody gets lucky enough to find what they want to study and brave enough to go for it!

18. But even if you are experiencing these, don’t be afraid! As long as you are spirited, you can always accomplish your dreams.

Here are some examples of this:

Natalie Portman - Psychology

Gerard Butler - Law

Steve Carell - History

Kevin Costner - Business Administration

Michael Jordan - Geography

Brad Pitt - Journalism

Matthew McConaughey - Law

Cate Blanchett - Economy

Jennifer Aniston - Telemarketing

Tom Cruise - Hotel Bellboy

Nicolas Cage - Popcorn boy in theatre

Stephen King - Doorman

Candan Erçetin - Archeology

Steven Spielberg - Bug Exterminator

Quentin Tarantino - Usher in theatre