17 Horrible Phases You'll Go Through On The Night Of Your Breakup


You feel so many different things that first night alone. Here are 17 things you will most definitely feel!

1. Can’t sleep.

2. “I wonder what he’s up to now…” thoughts.

3. Reaching out for your phone and then letting it go.

4. Checking if they've messaged you every 2 minutes.

5. Knowing you will remember tonight for the rest of your life.

6. You listen to all of the breakup songs over and over again.

7. You keep telling yourself it’ll be alright.

8. You test your alcohol and smoking limits.

9. Crying, LOTS of crying.

10. Even more crying.

11. All the good memories flooding your mind.

12. Testing the theory of time stopping when you’re in pain.

13. Calling your best friend and asking “WHY?!” constantly.

14. Making new decisions and writing them down.

15. Trying to figure out how and why it ended.

16. Knowing the pain will only get worse after tonight.

17. That night is actually never over…

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