17 Really Lonely Moments People Who Have No One Else But Themselves : /


Why do we feel all alone, deserted and forgotten every now and then? People who prefer being on their own get these moments more often. Just to let you know you are not the only one going through these, we’ve put together a list to back you up. You are not as lonely as you think you are… (Hugs)

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1. When you don’t have to put a password on your phone, computer and such.


2. Having no trouble with your phone’s battery while people are carrying gigantic powerbanks.

3. When you change your phone contract but all your free minutes and text messages remain pretty much untouched.

4. When you think who will eat the buy one get one free burgers. (Eat it yourself!)

5. When you realize all your friends are married and you don’t even have someone in your life.

6. Going through the cold or flu on your own and have no one to look after you.

7. No one says a thing when you are treated unfair.

8. When you don’t have to close the bathroom door taking a dump.

9. Feeling like everyone is watching you when you sit at a 4 seat table.

10. When people are talking and you feel like joining, but you can’t…

11. Sitting at the table all by yourself after you prepare your food.

12. When you watch a movie but have no one to discuss it with afterwards.

Özellikle o sinema çıkışları yok mu, ayrı bir dramdır.

13. No one to rest your head on during long journeys.

14. Again the 30 minute breaks during those long trips.

15. After a long but productive day, finding no one to talk about it back home.

16. When you turn on the TV just to avoid the death’s silence at home.

17. When you are not worried no one gets you. I mean there’s no one with you to listen to you in the first place. : (((

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