17 Psychological Facts That'll Make You Reach Perfection After Learning Them


Our mind is deep, almost like it's endless. It's also very dark. There are many things we do without realizing and there are also so many that we don't do but we should. Little stuff in life makes us feel happy we just have to realize that. All in all, love is the base of our happiness and we must keep that in mind at all times. I don't know if this is the recipe of a jolly life but I'm sure they'll be of some help.

1. According to psychologists, every person who doesn't socialise shouldn't be perceived as anti-social.

In general, 1 out of every 4 people prefer loneliness because they can't tolerate people who are fake.

2. You can joke to people to understand that they like or dislike you.


The reactions they give to your jokes will help you learn more about that person.

3. When you listen to music while you are happy, you concentrate on the melody of the song, when you listen to music while you are unhappy, you concentrate on the lyrics of the song.


4. According to a psychological research, if you are constantly thinking of someone and can't prevent it, then the person you're thinking about is also thinking of you.


5. "Why are old songs better?" The answer to this question is that the bad ones are already forgotten.


6. 80% of people humiliate other people just because they don't have self-confidence and so feel good doing it.


7. One of the most common syndromes of psychology is Walking Corpse Syndrome.

Patients with this mental disorder think they are dead, their flesh is rotten, and they have no organs and blood.

8. Although living in different geographies and speaking different languages, all people living on earth use the same face expressions and mimics for 6 emotions.


These feelings and mimics are; Happiness, anger, sadness, fear, surprise and disgust.

9. A friendship that is actively over 7 years will probably last a lifetime.


10. Most people think that other people are more easily affected than themselves.


This psychological phenomenon, known as the 'third person effect', is the admission that our peers are influenced by advertising and the like; But we deny that we are influenced ourselves.

11. The most powerful way to win an argument is to ask relevant questions.

So the logical mistakes in the other person's mind are more easily revealed.

12. If you don'tt get the answer to your question, just wait.


Especially if you look into their eyes or say things like "so..?" , The person will feel the need to continue to respond.

13. In Indonesia, if a baby dies before growing teeth, he/she is placed in a growing tree. Then the space is sealed and it is believed that the child will be absorbed when the tree begins to heal.

There could be dozens of babies in a single tree.

14. Be aware of the attitudes of the people around you when they're talking about others.


Because they will have the same attitute while talking about you to other people.

15. According to a psychological research, if people can gather together and intensify their thoughts, they can bring rain.


16. One of the facts that shouldn't forgot is that the person you'll spend most of your time with is you.

That's why you should try to make yourself as interesting as possible.

17. Although some psychologists say there is no such thing as body language, research shows that there is such a fact.

Most of the people who make a strong impression with a particularly upright position and who speak with their shoulders up and their hands in their pockets were proven by research that they drive people away.

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