17 Proof Showing Whatever Happens, It All Gets Better When You Let It Go With The Flow


Let’s start with this cover first. The Beatles – Let it Be (Piano and Violin Cover) ☺️☺️

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Sometimes we are just so caught up with the daily stress of life that we need a moment to catch our breathe and go over things. But we also believe everything will fall apart if we ever take a break. In truth, the harder we push it, the more it hurts us. We just have to let it be, and let things happen when they are due…

Here in this article, you will find why letting it be will make things go better!

1. Instead of constantly worrying about the future, you start enjoying the moment instead.

2. It’s about trusting that a small leaf will slowly hit the floor when the wind hits.

3. It’s like taking your shoes off and feeling the grass take away all your negativity. Letting it all go…

4. The calming view of the waves slowly hitting the beach back and forth, back and forth…

5. Closing your eyes and letting the world turn around, knowing you will be right where you left yourself.

6. You need to overcome the fear of what others might think, say. It’s about shaping your life on your own.

7. Releasing all the bad thoughts and saluting the sun going down…

8. It’s about feeling with your soul, instead of feeling with your body…

9. Taking off your mask and facing who you really are.

10. Being happy watching a butterfly fly freely, letting things go with each and every time its wings go up and down.

11. Knowing even if you mix all the colors in life, it will still turn out nicely in the end.

12. Fully trusting your imagination and knowing you will finish what you start eventually.

13. Knowing all the success and failure in the world are temporary. Knowing you can’t blindly attach yourself to things.

14. It’s about seizing the moment. Focusing on the job itself, instead of focusing on the victory.

15. Spending all the effort on the beauty of the road instead of sweating to be done with that road.

16. Knowing you are actually providing an external eye, instead of eating yourself alive during the process of overthinking.

17. And more importantly, knowing you are just a small part of something much more grand, instead of thinking you are so grand yourself…

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