17 Photos Proving That 1920s Were The Coolest Era!


1920s were characterized with properity and independence. This is the reason why people today are still fascinated by this decade. If you are looking for convincing evidence, here are 17 photos that will give you an idea!

1. Sharpshooter Annie Oakley with a gun that Buffalo Bill gave her, 1922.

2. Aviator Bessie Coleman and her plane in 1922

3. Three young men in a vehicle, c. 1924

4. 1920s amusement park

5. Cambridge undergraduates, 1926

6. Washington Cat Show at the Wardman Park Hotel in Washington D.C.

7. Bulgarian photobomber, 1926

8. Harry Houdini demonstrates photo manipulation by taking a “spirit photograph” with Abraham Lincoln, 1920s

9. Silent film star Evelyn Brent, 1924.

10. Even the mugshots were cool (1925)

11. Group taking a selfie photo in 1920.

12. Dancing the Charleston on a railing in front of the US Capitol.

13. Miss Universe Ella Van Hueson, circa June 16, 1928.

14. Two cyclists, Vervaeke and Geldhol, smoking during the 1920 Tour de France.

15. A couple of fashionable women, 1920s

16. A New York City policeman hanging out, 1920

17. Rebel with a garter flask, 1926

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