17 Painful Stuff People with Dental Braces Go Through!


1. You can’t eat the things you love or even if you do, it’s painful and gets stuck…

Artcile source: http://onedio.com/haber/dis-teli-kullananlarin-yasadigi-zorluklar-332889

2. You will lose your sense of biting. If you bite harder, it feels as if your braces would explode.

3. Even the smallest of things gets stuck on them. You have to constantly be on guard.

4. Kissing becomes painful both for you and for them. Especially if you like Frenching it up.

5. No coke, no soda, no sparkling water. They’re all off limits.

Maybe just a bit with a straw.

6. If you like sleeping face down, prepare to have unpleasant surprises in the morning…

7. As you get older, your friends will make more jokes.

"Çocuk musun ya ne öyle :ddd" aman ne komik.

8. These jokes sometimes go too far but learn to embrace them.

9. You can’t even think about being intimate with your crush. What if he hates you with these?

10. You try to keep your mouth shut while talking. This is why people always think you are just murmuring.

11. You forget smiling freely. You always try to keep your big smiles to yourself.

12. Even if you tried to laugh hard, your mouth gets massacred.

13. Every time they are adjusted, you go through all the troubles once more.

14. You can’t harshly bite an apple. Even if you don’t like apples, you crave apples!

15. You always ask when they will remove them during the regular checks.

16. Sometimes you want to reach in and rip them apart but you can’t…

17. And then when they finally take them off, you are worried your teeth might go bad again. You ask if they could keep them on for longer.

But in the end, you realize it was all worth the pain when you get beautiful teeth! Smile all you want now!

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