16 Things You Should Know About People You Didn’t Like At First But Loved Afterwards!


-       I have to be honest with you. I kinda hated you when we first met but it all turned out perfect afterwards.

-       It’s ok, I get that a lot, don’t worry.

-       You’re really cool! 

So yeah, we’ll tell you a bit about these cool guys who you don’t like at first, but get along so well after a while. People like Chandler. Let’s know them a bit better!

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1. These people don’t think about what the society would think about some of their actions. They live how they want to live.

2. Their tastes, their ways of enjoying life, they don’t really care how weird it looks as long as they love it.

3. When they are in a new group, they don’t wait quietly in the corner, they just jump right into action.

4. They have very vibrant lives and it often gets them into trouble but they love it.

5. You never know what they are up to when they are on their own. They don’t talk about that often.

6. This does not mean they don’t have a hidden life, they just want their private life to remain private.

7. Interestingly enough, these people’s partners have quite the opposite features from them.

8. They never allow anything to upset them easily. They are careless at points.

9. As you get to know them, you will love them more and more. They make you forget about your prejudices.

10. They are great at providing unexpected help. They will always surprise you.

11. But their reckless actions can put you in different situations sometimes. They can just say this guy likes you to you crush.


12. They always have a different perspective and they show you new things.

13. They are actually very organized and planned. They know their responsibilities.

14. They live a better life than you with a smaller paycheck.

15. They are very patient and understanding. They empathize easily.

16. Moral of the article: Stop judging people. Maybe you are missing out on great opportunities because of your first opinions.

Be the nice guy and meet with nice people!

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