16 Surprising & Alternative Ways To Use Table Salt!


Salt is one of the most widely used seasonings in this world. Salt is cheap and easily found in any marketplace. There are many ways of using table salt in our daily lives. 

Here are 16 alternative ways of using table salt in our daily lives!

1. Use table salt to put out kitchen fires.

2. Make your own all-natural air freshener out of table salt.

In order to make this all you need is a half cup of salt and 20-30 drops of any essential oil of your preference. Put all of the ingredients in a jar of your choice. Alternatively, you can use the peel of a half an orange as a bowl.

3. Salt can be used to remove onion smell from hands.

If you have some cooking experience, you would know that oils in garlic and onion leave a scent on your hands. To avoid this unwanted scent, you can rub your hands with table salt.

4. Use table salt to prevent sliced fruit and vegetables from turning brown.

5. You can make home made paint for kids out of table salt.

In a bowl, blend 1 cup of flour with 1 cup of salt. Then add 1 cup of water and a few drops of food coloring.

6. You can use salt to get rid of ants in your place.

Combine salt and water with a 1:4 ratio in a bottle. Spray this mixture where you see ants are habituating.

7. Get rid of the odor in your shoes.

You can either sprinkle some salt directly in your shoes or put them in a cloth bag that is full of salt to get rid of the unwanted odor.

8. Use salt to make your candles drip free.

9. Prevent oil from splattering.

Before you start cooking, sprinkle a little salt over the frying pan. This will prevent the hot oil from splattering.

10. Make copper items shine again.

Mix salt with vinegar, flour and lemon juice to rub on the copper items. This mixture will surely make a difference!

11. Rub the skin of mosquito bites to relieve the itches.

12. Prevent mold on shower curtains.

All you have to do is to wash your shower curtains with saltwater when you first buy them.

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