16 Photography Tricks That Will Make Any Photo A Masterpiece


All you need to know to be a good photographer in just 16 steps!

1. Use your photo to create reflections!

2. Use curtains to create magical atmospheres.

3. Use a piece of paper with a hole in it to give your photos a blurry frame.

4. Use your TV!

5. Know where to look.

6. Use a watering can for romantic photos and don't ruin your camera.

7. You can create amazing work ith some neon paint and black light.

8. Use slow exposure to capture moving objects!

9. Create unique patterns with nature!

10. Capture bubbles with a lightbox you've made with some office lamps.

11. Make use of the "Golden Hour."

12. As well as the "Blue Hour..."

13. If you want to take a photo of your pets, place a toy or some treats right above your camera.

14. Use kitchen appliances!

15. Use a lighter to create warm blur.

16. Keep your eyes open and your camera ready.

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