15 Treats To Put A Smile On Your Body And Soul! : )

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> 15 Treats To Put A Smile On Your Body And Soul! : )

We keep forgetting but the biggest assets of our lives are actually our bodies AND our souls. Even though we keep treating them the worst way possible, these good guys do their very best to keep us up. Now it's your turn to return to favor. As the saying goes, the easiest way to get rid of extra weight is to get rid of anything extra in your mind.

1. Let’s start with reminding ourselves: We are valuable.

And valuing ourselves is our biggest responsibility. Never forget that.

2. Secondly we must practice self-motivation.

Because we’re our own best friend.

3. So I want you to look at yourself in the mirror once in a day and say this:


4. Now let’s talk about eating healthy.

First of all, we don’t have to call this a “diet.” We have to realize that eating healthy is a gift to our bodies and is an incredible investment for our future.

5. Go to your kitchen, open the fridge and let’s see what you’re gonna find.

This should be easier if you’re living alone. Go into your kitchen, open the fridge and start the throwing out process with the junk food. Give away whatever is not good for your health.

6. If you’re living with kids, immediately save a shelf for yourself in the kitchen.

And put healthy snacks you can eat whenever you feel hungry.  

Do the same for a part of the fridge.

7. All set? Now let’s go on with exercising.

I know, I know. Some of you don’t have time or energy to exercise. But exercising is an activity you’ll love as you continue doing it, so make sure to exercise 2-3 times a week and start observing yourself.

8. What do I mean by “observing yourself?”

Talk to yourself, try to understand what you like and don’t like. Start a new gym membership and ask yourself “Do I want to do cardio or a more relaxing routine on the mat?”  

After this stage, either grab a book, your phone or make a music playlist out of your fav songs and enjoy the moment.  

Doing this for 20 mins is enough in the begging, I’m sure you’ll do more in time.

9. None of them work?

Then take one of your closest friends and go for a walk, exercise or start taking classes together.  

This will help to motivate each other when you feel lazy.

10. Let’s agree on this, it’s time to start learning how to cook on your own.

Healthy recipes don’t require too much cooking. So you can start cooking slowly.  

I’m talking about putting the chicken in the oven, opening the tuna can, boiling vegetables, preparing a salad.  

So you can both keep salt and oil consumption under control and eat little amounts.

11. If it’s too hard to cook every single day…

11. If it’s too hard to cook every single day…

Don’t be too hard on yourself, try to be understanding and stay patient.  

Give just one day to cooking and keep the food in Ziplock bags to eat all week. 

Again, don’t forget that you’re giving yourself a gift by preparing this food.

12. Another important issue:

Don’t worry, we’re all human, it’s normal to feel down. The important thing is not to accept this as our lifestyle.    

Some days will come and you won't feel as motivated as the first week, you’ll think about giving up. I want you to give yourself some time whenever you feel that way and remember that this is part of the process.

13. Don’t forget, it’s all about time.

Let yourself live this unique experience with time. You become stronger as you make mistakes, never forget: experiences are not enemies; they’re the things that make you ‘you.’

14. Be aware of everything you do and always appreciate yourself, over and over again.

14. Be aware of everything you do and always appreciate yourself, over and over again.

Show yourself some love with sentences like “It was a great walk I’ve done today!” “I ate such a great meal, good for me.” “Didn’t go to the gym yesterday but I’m proud of myself that I will tomorrow.”

15. Deep in your heart, always remember that this is a happy process and you’re a happy person.

All of these are not primarily for you to get into those tight jeans, they’re things that you do to feel peaceful with your body.  

A healthy life can’t be obtained only by diet and exercising, you have to have a healthy mindset too. So love yourself first, treat yourself nice, and take good care of your body!