15 Moments You Know Too Well If You Can't Say No


Being able to say no is a great great virtue. This social skill is quite crucial especially when you start your career and grow up. If you can’t figure out a way around it, this sickness will haunt you forever. It’s good to be able to say yes but not to everything. Sometimes it’s easier to turn a no into yes than to turn a yes into a no. Keep that in mind and help us walk through these 15 moments you’re very familiar with.

1. You always say you’re fed up and you will say no next time but you can’t

2. You have to put up with all sorts of people

3. Since you don’t say no, sometimes your acts are deemed fake

4. You feel terribly sorry if you say no and regret it

5. You feel a never-ending exhaustion

6. You need to dramatic experience to start saying no

You go first bro, we’ll follow. 

Yeah sure!

7. People always blame you as if you are trying too hard to be loved

8. You go to places you don’t like, see people you have no idea about and do things you hate.

9. People easily take advantage of you

10. You deal with ALL the problems at the office

11. You realize you have tons of regrets

12. You think it’s good sense, being soft but it’s actually a sickness

13. When you say yes, it has no value because you never say no

14. You can easily say yes seconds after you said no

15. You wake up one day and realize you are used…

Bonus – Here’s what Paulo Coelho said about these people: “When you say yes to others make sure you are not saying no to yourself!”

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