15 Things Women Who Can Eat The Whole World Experience


The common belief is that women eat less, and they actually NEED less to feel full. You think they need 30 bites to finish the bagel guys would finish in 3 bites, or they never eat everything on their plate. We give you the women who will ask you to go for double cheeseburgers after a night out drinking.

1. They usually hear “Wow isn’t that a bit too much for you? Half of it will be wasted.”

2. If there are no women like them around, they usually leave the table still feeling hungry.

3. People will curse them if they keep fit despite all those things they eat.

4. People will even start rumors about bulimia.

5. They order a salad on the SIDE of their main course.

6. They don’t make a big deal if the place doesn’t have high carb, low fat bread.

7. They crave burritos, Chipotle and wraps.

8. They pray they won’t get hungry during the first date. If they do, they just order a Caesar Salad and cry a river inside.

9. They know all the good dirty food places in town.

10. They clean their face with a piece of bread instead of a napkin after the soup.

11. They don’t like using a knife. Forks do it most of the time.

12. They eat the crusts, sides and all the other parts people don’t.

13. Unless they are allergic to something, they are never picky about food. They’ll eat what’s on the table.

14. They NEVER go for sides or just appetizers. Main courses all the way.

15. They eat to have fun, not to feel full.

Bonus – Their favorite relative is the one who cooks the best. Their grandma never has to ask them to take another bite!

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