15 Simple Tricks You Can Do To Become A Happier Person!

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> 15 Simple Tricks You Can Do To Become A Happier Person!

We won’t give you the secret to overcome your problems overnight or tell you something you’ve never heard of. But remembering these simple things will certainly make you feel a lot better. Here are 15 tips for a better you!

1. If someone wants to do you a favor, like buying dinner or carrying your bags, let them do it.

If you reject them, you’ll turn down their chance to be happy by helping you.

2. When you care about someone, don’t expect them to care about you, too.

Because, well, they may not care about you at all and that’s normal.

3. Addiction is something you can’t realize before it’s too late. So listen to what others have to tell about addiction and live accordingly.

4. If your bank reaches you to inform you about a fraud, hang up and call them yourself.

5. If you want to adopt a cat or a dog, remember that there are thousands of animals at shelters that need a home. So don’t buy animals from pet shops.

6. If someone is going to do something for the first time, don’t try to motivate them by saying "it’s easy." It could put them under extra pressure.

7. Make a list of three things that you’re thankful for every morning (your family, your health, etc.). It will make you feel much better.

8. If you're trying to learn a new language, watch cartoons in that language. Dialogs are much simpler in those movies, which will make it easy for you to follow.

9. If you ever feel like you’re being suffocated by your problems, make a list of them. They’ll look less scarier!

10. Stay away from the things you don’t like. There doesn’t have to be a reason.

11. Even when you feel bad, walk with your head up high. You’ll feel better.

12. Smile while talking on the phone. It’ll change your voice and make you sound better.

13. Don’t depend on others for your happiness.

14. When using a gift you recieve from someone, give yourself a minute and call that person. Letting them know that you’re actually using their gift will make them feel great.

15. Enough with emotions and courtesies? Here’s a quick recipe: Don't toss that leftover peanut butter in the bottom of the jar away. Shake the jar with some coffee to make yourself some mocha!

Bon Appétit!