15 People Proving You Never Know When Love Comes Knocking At Your Door!

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It's never too late to find love!

1. “My fiancé was 4 months pregnant when we met. His real dad has made no attempt to meet his son but it’s ok. I want the job.”

2. “On our first date, I was so nervous that I rambled about penguins. When a penguin meets a penguin that it wants to mate with, it gives it a pebble as a gift. If the other penguin accepts it, it means they are mates. And penguins mate for life. Today for our anniversary, my girlfriend gave me a pebble.”

3. It’s never too late.

4. “My fiancé and I are getting married in May, we met on WoW and are having a WoW-themed wedding. We opted to go with pendants instead of rings. Here are the Hearts of Azeroth we made for our wedding!! I’m so excited!”

5. "I met my wife on Tinder 3 years ago. We were married yesterday. Happiest day of my life (I have no idea why I’m squinting but she looks beautiful)! I definitely out-kicked my coverage. Never thought I would say these words but, “Thank you, Tinder!”

6. “Caught with a Master Ball. We met here playing Pokémon GO.”

7. This married Chinese couple discovered that they both appeared in the same photograph as teenagers.

8. “A marriage 3 decades late: My mother lost touch with her then-boyfriend 30 years ago. 2 years ago, he reconnected with her through LinkedIn. After numerous FaceTime calls and flying back and forth, they finally got married.”

9. “We met 9 years ago and then he took me on our first date. Life happened, he battled through a 6-year heroin addiction, jail time, and rehab. I battled through extreme anxiety, depression, and 2 toxic relationships. This year we reconnected and on Christmas Eve he proposed. I’ve never felt so happy and whole!”

10. “6 years ago today, a glitch in Facebook mobile logged me into the account of a woman I’d never met. We were married this past June.”

11. “My girlfriend and I both took pictures from the same angle at the same show...3 years before we met each other.”

12. “This is the ‘pull’, the longest ongoing college tradition in the nation. This is me and my fiancé where we met.”

13. “We met online and when I was in her town I asked her out. It turned out we both loved the same ice cream and we had a lot in common. I couldn’t believe I would fall in love this fast, but it happened.”

14. “I’m Canadian, she’s Australian and we met in Thailand...she is the greatest thing to ever happen to me!”

15. “We met 5 years ago at a restaurant job — I was a server and he was a dishwasher. Now he’s the chef, I’ve earned my masters, and he proposed! The happiest day of my life thus far.”

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