15 Good Things About NOT Having Sex

> 15 Good Things About NOT Having Sex

Tons of other websites can keep telling you a million good things about having sex on a regular basis, but we are not just another website. We’ll tell you the good things about NOT having sex.

1. Fatigue

Think about all the exhausting mornings after a long night. Now, you are not tired, and can wake up peacefully. Although, you may have some “urges.”

2. Concentrate on something else.

You  feel more relaxed, and can actually focus a lot more on other stuff because you’re not thinking about sex all the time.

3. No constant theories about how and when to have sex.

Now there’s massive space available in your brain. You can fill it with wisdom, instead of wild theories and possibilities.

4. Better focus

Ok, after not having sex for a while , this item may become irrelevant, but you can surely focus more on your life and your work when you’ve put sex behind.

5. Time saving: At least 2 hours a week

Depending on your performance and routine, this time can increase or decrease. But we assume you will save at least two hours a week. Go be creative; do more efficient things!

6. No need to stress over sexy underpants

All those fancy underwear, perfumes, and personal hygiene extremes are gone. You can start saving both money and time.

7. No need to worry about premature ejaculation, mood swings, positions and foreplay

Did you know these things are the main reason for many of us to experience major depression? Frankly, you are over them now.

8. Savings. Even more savings.

No condoms, post-sex cigars, toys (yeah stop acting like an angel), pills, wine and candles. All of these expenses are gone!

9. No need to worry about STDs

All you need to worry about now is catching a cold or a sore throat.

10. No need to get creative when you’re not in the mood

I’m not feeling well, my back hurts, I have a terrible headache, and all the other excuses.

11. No location problems

My parents are gone for the weekend, my roommate won’t be home for another 3-4 hours, we can stay there, etc. No need to worry about these at all!

12. You don’t need to freak out when your period is late

It’s probably your meds, or the season change. No need to freak us or yourself out.

13. No need to feel ashamed about your body

I have small boobs, my belly is big, I have a hairy body, and so on…Get rid of all of your fears, and fully embrace your body.

14. You don’t need to justify your performance

All those excuses, long gone…

15. No need to shave often

Who’ll see your hairy legs anyways?