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> 14 Sad Truths Hard to Accept But Make You As Strong As Steel!

Sometimes it is hard to accept certain truths. Because as we know some truths so hurt you that you cannot imagine. But when you eventually accept and embrace it, nothing is same as it was.

1. You cannot take the time back that you have spend for NOTHING!

Some people realize that they have done nothing they want when they end up at 60s. If you are still young, just let everything flow! There is no compensation of time.

2. Men cry as well.

You shouldn't conform to society's ridiculous stereotypes. Men don't have to hide their emotions. They are also human beings!

3. Life doesn't owe you anything.

Some bad or unexpected things find you again and again. Even if you work a lot, some people are lucky to do things without any effort. The important thing is to work hard and act wisely.

4. It is always easy to blame others.

Life is yours, you should give up blaming others. Of course, we cannot ignore the effect of people and external factors that influence you or your life. But you will take the law in your hands one way or another. At that point, don't let it go and direct your life!

5. Educate yourself. Improve always.

Because there is no institution or teacher on the world that will teach 'you' to you.

6. You will often feel worthless.

But don't forget if you don't let them do, nobody can make you feel worthless.

7. Happiness is your responsibilty.

It is hard to give up thinking about something when you become obsessive about it. But you started thinking about it, so you are the one who will give up doing this.

8. Love is not a Hollywood movie.

Love is not flawless, it is completely defective. Remembering these flaws and embracing them make you feel happy in love.

9. Life is meaningless.

But you are the one who will define the life's meaning.

10. It is impossible to make everyone feel happy.

Someone in your life will not take what he or she wants. So, you should always remember that it is impossible to make everybody happy. That's why you should listen your heart and you should give up trying to make everyone happy.

11. You will see some beloved ones' death while you are alive.

So, while you have time to see them and to talk to them, you should use that chance.

12. Nobody can read your mind.

You should be clear about your ideas, feelings, thoughts and emotions. You cannot wait for people to understand you without a single word.

13. Physical appearance is important.

Don't believe some romantics say this is not important. Believe me it is important for them, too. Or you can just simply think that it is pretty much important for society. So, just keep that in mind.

14. You are not as much important as you think for most of people.

Just as a lot of people are not as much important for you as they think. Everybody has their own problems and concerns.