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> 14 Psychological Life Tricks To Help You Through Various Social Situations

With these small and proven psychological life hacks, you can improve your social skills at work or with friends. No thanks needed!

1. When you first meet people, pay attention to their eye color.

So, you will have to keep the eye contact for a second or two longer, and it will make a better impression. But don't just stare too much. It can also make you look like a weirdo!😁

2. Chew gum when you’re approaching a nervous situation, chew gum!

It makes your brain think as if you are eating something, and our brains interpret it like: 'I would not be eating if I were in danger. So I’m not in danger', and helps you stay calm.

3. When you need a favor from someone, ask them to do something simpler first.

4. Or, ask them to do a much harder task first!

They will probably say no. Then you may ask for the relatively simpler task you actually needed, and it'll sound more reasonable cause it's simpler! No one likes to say no twice.

5. Ask people to do you small favors quite often.

According to this phenomenon called 'Ben Franklin Impact' when people do you a small favor, they start to believe that they must love you if they accepted it, so they get more likely to reply to your next request positively.

6. If the person you ask a question only partially answers it, just keep the eye contact for a little longer without saying anything.

This will make them think they should continue talking.

7. On the first date, take them somewhere exciting

Like horror movies or roller-coaster. False attribution of arousal. Such heart-beating activities will get their adrenaline up and make then think they enjoy spending time with you rather than the activity.😁

8. People will remember how you made them feel more than what you said.

9. Act happy and excited when you see other people.

Soon, they will react the same to you.

10. When you’re studying or learning something new, try to teach a friend about it.

Let them ask questions. If you’re able to teach something well and answer their questions, it means you grasped it. It will also let you see at which points you still need more work.

11. People's feet tell a lot whether they are interested in talking with you

Let's say two people are in a conversation and you approached them. If they turn to you only with their upper body but their feet stay in the same position (generally pointing each other), it means they don't want you to join their conversation. Similarly, if you talk with someone in the office but their feet are pointing towards somewhere else, you should understand that they want to finish the conversation.

12. If you have a warm hand when you shake somebody’s hand, they will find you more impressive.

13. Referring to people you've just met by their name, will create a sense of trust right away.

A good nickname that make them feel special can make the same impact.

14. When you need to ask people to do something for you, give them two options.

You may use this particular one on communicating with your children. For example, it's cold and you want your kid to wear a scarf although he hates it. You may change your question to 'would you like to wear the blue one or black one?' This will make them think they are in control.

15. If you add an embarrassing or sad side-detail to your story when you lie, people will be more likely to believe it.