13 Things You Should Do To Be A Real Kick-Ass Bookworm!

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> 13 Things You Should Do To Be A Real Kick-Ass Bookworm!

Although reading books alone is very valuable, there is an even more valuable state of reading books. Here are some tips for you to be a better and smarter reader!

1. Instead of trying to make time to read books, try to regulate your life in such a way that you can read books.

You don't have to finish the whole book in one go. You can spend time by reading any book that is around you when you have nothing to do.

2. Don't get stuck with one genre only.

Reading only novels or historic books can be useful, but it isn't enough to be a real reader!

3. Don't expect the same pace from every book. If you give a book enough of a chance, you will see that even those boring books can have so much more to offer than the exciting ones.

Learn to give books a chance.

4. The texts that give theoretical information about the genre you are reading will give you valuable insight about the quality of the book you read.

In other words, a book about novels will help you have a better idea about how good the novels you are reading are.

5. You should definitely read books that cover different political points of view. You will see that everything else that you read will be more meaningful.

You will at least see how much politics are in the books you read.

6. Never skip the history and development of philosophy. A world without philosophy is an empty world.

Reading without knowledge about philosophy is just deficient.

7. If you think that a book is too demanding for you, leave it for a while. Read other books- they will take you to their level.

Some books want to be deserved and won. You should learn how to prepare patiently until you are worthy of it. That win is one of the most awesome things in the world!

8. It will be also useful to take a look at the reviews and critics of the book. You can do this before or after reading it.

You will develop a critical perspective.

9. Don't regret having read anything. Reading never hurts.

Worst case, you will have learned that it is a bad text. Knowledge is always valuable.

10. Although you like one genre more than the others, don't get too carried away from the other genres. A reader should never act like a fanatic!

Of course, there is no harm in reading your favorite genre more often, but including other genres will make you a more competent reader.

11. Sometimes, in order to understand a book, you have to have read dozens of others.

Don't let it intimidate you. It is an exciting adventure for a good reader.

12. There is not much difference between buying books and food. We usually make wrong decisions when we are hungry! :)

Consider what you need while deciding which book to buy.

13. After finishing a book, at least take half an hour and have a coffee with yourself.

Reflect on the book and what it has taught you. This will help you digest everything. The book's effects will be more permanent.

Bonus: "Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested" -Francis Bacon