13 Things Only People Who Love Spending Time Alone Can Relate!

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There are two kinds of people in this world! Some love to be surrounded by people all of the time but other ones love being alone in their silence, solitude, and bed. Here are 13 things only “me, myself, and I” people can understand!

1. You know vegging out on the couch with your show to binge watch with some wine is way better than having to go to a club

2. Being alone means there is absolutely zero judgment at all.

3. You can walk around without pants on and not have to worry about a damn thing.

4. Relationships are hard to get into because your personal time is more precious than anything else you can imagine.

5. The worst thing you can deal with is dating someone who wants to be with you or see you on an everyday basis. No thank you.

6. You can eat whatever you want, at any time of day, and have no one to tell you otherwise. Ice cream for breakfast? Bring on the damn sprinkles.

7. Ordering food for one is way cheaper than ordering for two-three and having to figure out how to split the Seamless/Postmates bill.

8. You have a list of excuses that you run through on a regular basis to get out of plans with people you really don’t want to do.

9. You don’t understand why people feel the need to text all day, every day. Having time away from the rest of the world is special.

10. People think that you’re a weirdo or a loner because you’re not always out doing something with other people but, in reality, you are constantly doing something—just solo.

11. People always say you’re the most independent person they’ve ever met.

12. You don’t understand why people hate eating by themselves.

13. You wouldn’t trade your alone time in for anything in the world—except, maybe, a million dollars.

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