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> 13 Things Unmotivated People Keep Telling Themselves!

Life becomes just a little bit harder and sh*ttier after you graduate. You have so much to worry about when it comes to your life; plus the problems and worries of others. Everybody wants something from you. This will never stop. However, there is a solution to survive all of this: motivation. And here is the playbook of unmotivated people and how they deceive themselves.

1. "I will stay up all night and sleep early tomorrow morning. My sleeping schedule should be fixed."

That night is a very interesting night. You either resist sleeping and make it til the morning, or fall asleep at a silly hour and mess up your sleeping schedule even worse.

And then you finally reach your target bedtime. You dream of being organized and a better person. But then you end up going to bed late again and spend the next day tired.

2. "The annual membership is quite cheap, so I signed up for a gym!"

The enthusiasm you had on the first day is long gone. You slowly start skipping going to the gym until you forget where the damn thing was. You burn most of your calories trying to cancel the yearly contract and get your money back.

3. "If I buy this sweat suit, I will definitely be more motivated to work out."

3. "If I buy this sweat suit, I will definitely be more motivated to work out."

That sweatsuit will initially to be worn in the gym, and then when you go grocery shopping and at the end, it will end up reeking of BBQ.

4. "This semester, I will study and revise every day."

'You know what? Last-minute studying is better. Then the knowledge is fresh. I will start right after this episode.'

5. "This new month is also a new beginning."

'It wasn't.'

6. "This month I wanna do more cultural activities like concerts and plays. Enough with sitting at home 24/7."

'I really don't feel like going out. Isn't it too cold, anyways?'

7. "I have to cut down on my sugar intake."

Sugar-free tea and coffee experiments usually succeed... as long as there is chocolate available.

8. "It is better to wash dishes everyday instead of letting them pile up."

And you end up seeing different life forms growing in your pot. They look majestic enough to be able to start their own civilization.

9. "I really have to watch my expenses."

'Debts are necessary for an economy to grow.'

10. "I haven't been reading for a while. I should take that up again."

'Hmm, no idea where I left off. The movie has finished loading. Let me take a look at that.'

11. "I'm quitting smoking."

'After I finish this pack.'

12. "I am starting a new diet on Monday."

'Actually Tuesday sounds better.'

13. "I am not going to get angry anymore! I will only seek peace."

'I called because it says customer service. I am sorry if I was wrong to expect f*cking service as your customer. You are recording the calls? Perfect. I dare you to record it. If you don't you are god damn idiot!'