13 Lesser Known Facts That Would Actually Make Children Grow Taller!


There are many factors that can affect children to grow taller; nutrition is a significant one among them.

We've gathered foods that will both support their bone development and help them to grow taller.

1. Milk for both bone development and growing tall.


Milk is rich in calcium and supports the strengthening of bones and helps to grow tall when consumed regularly.

2. Don't wait until meal time for dried nuts.


Have your children eat dried nuts, with rich calcium content, not only with their main meals but at snack times as well.

If they don't like dried nuts, you can help them by mixing nuts in their favorite meals.

3. Breakfast with egg is a must!


Egg, which supports bone and body development, is rich in Vitamin D and calcium. Make your children eat eggs at breakfast to grow taller.

4. Plenty of cheese, if eggs aren't their thing!


Research revealed that cheese, with its rich calcium content, is important in bone developments and growing taller. Have your children eat cheese if they don't like eggs.

5. Sesame, a source of calcium!


Sesame supports growing taller with its rich calcium content. But you should be careful in adjusting the portions because it also contains fat.

6. Red meat! It's the building block of muscles.

By having your children eat red meat, which contains high amounts of protein, you can help them to have and maintain a constant growth.

7. The protein rich soy bean!


Protein and fiber rich soy is effective on bone tissue and it supports growing taller. You can prepare delicious and healthy meals by adding it to salads for your children.

8. Broccoli helps to have a strong immune system and to grow taller!


Broccoli helps to protect bone health with its high calcium content. It's one of the vegetables that supports a healthy skeletal system and healthy growing in children.

9. By the power of dried fruits!


Have your children eat some calcium rich raisins, dried apricots, and dried figs during the day.

10. Banana, with its rich potassium!


Banana is one of the fruits that supports growing taller with its rich calcium and potassium content. Also, it supports the healthy development of children.

11. The multi-veggie: Spinach!


Spinach, rich in Vitamin K, supports maintaining the bone density. Also, it has all the positive aspects of dairy products. Spinach, which supports the growing of collagen, also supports children growing taller.

12. Fish: a good support for bone development.


Getting enough amounts of Omega-3 is crucial for the development of children. It's not important which type of fish they eat. What's important is they consume fish at least two times a week.

13. Bonus: A balanced diet!


Make sure that your children get the basic nutritional elements such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and fats in a balanced manner. Never forget that only a single type of food would never support getting taller and healthy bone development.

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