13 Interesting Observations About The Color Blue And Those Who Love It!


We should try to enjoy and experience as much as we can. Sometimes we don't have to go far for new experiences, we just need a new perspective that helps us see everything in a different and new way. Noticing the things that are right in front of your nose, the colors, for example... We tend to overlook the things that we see every day, but it doesn't mean that they don' deserve appreciation. 

To remind you that we have compiled the effects of color blue on us and our world, enjoy!

1. Blue is the color of our planet.


Our world is a tiny blue dot in the endless darkness. Blue is our only distinctive feature for the aliens who are watching us from the space!

2. Blue is more than just a color.


No matter where you go in the world, be it the desert or a forest, the sky is always blue. It is the only thing everybody has in common and the symbol of unity and solidarity.

3. The first emotion this color awakens is contentment. Just like the water that cleanses us! People who like blue are calm and at peace.


Although water has no color, we assume that it is blue. This, of course, has something to do with the algae that give water its color. However, there is also a psychological reason why water is associated with the color blue.

4. Captivity means being deprived of the sky, and blue is freedom!


People who like blue, are independent and fond of their freedom. They don't like managing or being managed.

5. Blue, which makes us feel free, also connotes sadness in many languages; like an endless, dangerous sea.


We even assume that our tears are blue. Blue doesn't have red's wildness or ambition; or the joy of yellow. Blue connotes deeper emotions rather superficial ones.

6. People who like blue also have improved instincts. Blue symbolizes divinity in many religions.


The blue-skinned Hindu goddesses, The Christian Mary figure covered in blue fabric... Blue is the earth reflection of all the holly that actually doesn't belong in this material world.

This might be the reason why people who like blue have good instincts!

7. There are countless psychological effects of blue. According to a study, one of the two identical dumbbells are lifted easier if it is blue.


So we can't deny the lightness sensation of blue!

People who like blue are far away from material ambitions.

8. Another study also shows that blue is the most reassuring color. That's why many government officials have blue uniforms.


You can take this advantage to a different direction, too; for example, you should wear blue if you want to pass the airport security easier and faster.

You should also trust those whose favorite color is blue! People in blue have been proven to be safe.

9. Blue is the rarest color we see in food. This is considered another reason why it is the color for the divine and holy.


Unlike green or red, blue affects our soul, not physical lives. If a person likes blue, they are likely to have powerful imagination and spirituality.

10. People whose favorite color is blue, are creative. It has also been proven that people are most productive when in a blue room.


It is also easy on your eyes! Let's paint it blue!

11. Blue is inspiring, and the color to which songs refers most.


Because people who like blue are also good at expressing their emotions. They inspire and get inspired by others.

12. The most sold and produced textile color in the world is blue. Because it doesn't connote any negative feelings!


People whose favorite color is blue are free from ambition, anger, etc. They also do their best to stay away from these.

13. No matter how emotional or sad they are, blue lovers never lose hope. Blue is the color that tells us the sun will rise in the morning even at the darkest hour of the night!

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