13 Healthy Midnight Snack Alternatives


Night cravings are the worst! You try to eat nothing after 7 PM, but when it comes near midnight, you find yourself next to your fridge. The voices your stomach makes are not good. You know that you shouldn't eat anything but your stomach won't understand. If this situation is familiar, we can help you with these guilt free snack recipes!

1. Yogurt is your best friend!


If you want, stir up some yogurt and add carrot or cucumber - your preference. Don't forget to put some spices to add some flavor.

2. Avocados go well with everything!


Give avocados a chance! You can even make chocolate pudding out of avocados. For a guilt-free midnight treat, add some lemon and goat's cheese over your avocado slices. Finally, add some cherry tomatoes.

3. Let me introduce you to celery stalks!


Do not judge the vegetable by its looks. Celery is much fresher and easier to digest. Plus, you don't have to worry about the calories because celery is totally guilt free. Chop some celery stalks and carrots vertically and dip them in yogurt!

4. Cucumbers could taste a lot better with the proper dip.

We are not talking about salt here. Mix some mustard with lemon juice to make your own healthy dip.

5. Power couple: Cinnamon and milk.


Cinnamon regulates your blood sugar. This is the reason why it should be your go-to option at night. While increasing your blood sugar, it will end the hungry feeling you have in your gut. Heat some milk and put a cinnamon stick or add some powdered cinnamon into your cold milk.

6. Try green tea instead of regular black tea.


Regular tea can make your stomach sore at night. You can skip your tea sessions at night, or if you can't, try green tea instead of black tea. This will help your body get ready for sleep.

7. Wholemeal foods are there for you!


If you have hard time giving up on carbs, replace them with wholemeal options. You can have wholemeal sticks with some goat cheese. Don't see the end of the pack, though.

8. What about chocolate? Try to go with darker versions.


Cacao rich chocolate can help you at night. Try not to eat the whole bar and you'll be okay.

9. Are you ready to meet your new favorite drink?


Ayran is a Turkish drink, made by yogurt, salt, and water. You can easily make ayran at home. Add some fresh mint to increase the flavor.

10. Nuts and dried fruit go well with your next bingewatching session.


Forget about chips and popcorn. Eat raw nuts and dried apricots instead. These not only help you feel full but also make your metabolism work fast through healthy oils.

11. Oat, fruit and milk! Your favorite trio!


Boil some milk together with your oats. Add some red fruit and some ginger. This recipe will help you feel full!

12. Grain bars will help you go through your sweet craze!


You can buy grain bars or try making them on your own. One grain bar is more than enough to silence the craving of your stomach.

13. Our last savior will be fruit with some cinnamon.

It is best you don't consume too much fruit at night, as it will transform into pure sugar in your blood. However, you can make your fruity treat more innocent by adding up powdered cinnamon and lemon juice.

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