13 Habits You Should Quit NOW To Be Happier!

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> 13 Habits You Should Quit NOW To Be Happier!

At the end of the day, we are all looking forward to one single thing: Happiness!

Most of the time, we believe that if we manage to fix the problems in our lives -if that day ever comes- happiness will knock on our doors eventually. We focus so much on the external events and effects, we forget that actual happiness lies within. The famous quote from psychoanalyst Carl Jung explains this situation beautifully:

'Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.'

1. Being judgemental about everything and everyone

Let's do some real talk here. The more judgmental we become, the more we trap ourselves in small cages. Don't impose your own truth to anyone else. Everyone's life is different.

2. Being stuck in the past or always looking into the future

The past is in the past and the future is a mystery. When we focus on the past we start to over-analyze past mistakes and regrets. When we focus on the future, we begin to think about possible disaster scenarios and anxieties. The best thing you can do for yourself is to be in the present, nothing else...

3. Blaming yourself for everything that's happened in your life

This habit is as wrong as not accepting your mistakes. We fall into the misconception that everything happened the way it happened because of us. Well, will there be a time that everything's perfect? It seems that there will never be a time like that. Happiness is a personal choice. Prioritise your happiness over everything else and don't forget to calm down...

4. Trying to control your life

Being a control freak never helped anyone. We barely have control over things that happen around us. This desire to control each and every part of life can never be tamed. This can only cause exhaustion around your mind and body. This is similar to swimming in the sea. If you constantly struggle against the flow, you'll drown in those waves. Let things go. You'll soon figure out it is the best you can do!

5. Being trapped by our false assumptions

It's almost like chaining your own self in a dungeon. We are not born into a world where right and wrong is strictly defined. We create our own reality. What kind of world are you going to create for yourself? A peaceful one or one that makes you feel trapped by your thoughts?

6. The false belief that life is a never-ending race

We are constantly running after things. There's always something to keep up with, something to do. Where is the finish line? Will there be any time that you don't desire that new car, phone or house? When we reach our goals, will that be enough? Be grateful for what you have; life will be much easier.

7. Over-analyzing our own actions more than anyone else

We are worried that what others think about us. This is our biggest problem. We try to present ourselves in a way that we think will be accepted by society. We expect other people's love, attention or appreciation in return. Other people actually don't care much about what you do. They are already busy with their own painful reality. Don't be hard on yourself.

8. Complaining about everything

It seems that happiness is never around when we need it. This causes us to be resentful in the present moment and we complain about things all the time. Enjoy the small things in life. There is always something to appreciate or to be grateful for.

9. Resisting change

Heraclitus claimed that nature is change. Like a river, nature flows ever onward. Even the nature of the flow changes. Nothing ever stays the same. Don't fight against change. Accept change and it will release your soul in a way you've never imagined.

10. Holding onto sorrows and disappointments

Bad things happen to all of us. The important thing here is the ability to see the opportunity in that unfortunate event. Let your focus be on the bright side. Dwelling on past sorrows has never helped anyone.

11. Looking for the meaning of life in other people or things

Being intimate with someone is a magical thing. After a while, you start to think about them as a part of your whole being. Loving and caring about someone might be the best thing in this world. However, you should always be careful when it comes to being overly attached to someone else.

12. Not knowing oneself

Have you ever asked yourself this question: 'How well do I know myself?' Was there any time that you were 100% objective? There is not much to say here.

13. Constanly chasing happines

Chasing happiness actually means not living in the present moment. It is stealing from the current moment's happiness and joy. What is it that we are looking for? What is it that we are after? We lose the chance of being happy during this constant search. Sad, isn't it?