12 Things Calm, Easygoing And Quiet People Have In Common


1. You prefer thinking over talking

Some of us are wild but some of us are very calm instead. They don’t express their feelings or thoughts as often as others and keep their mouth shut instead of bitching all the time.

Article source: http://onedio.com/haber/sadece-sessiz-sakin-insanlarin-bildigi-durum-363812

This is why your mind is always occupied.

2. You don’t talk much, you talk just the required amount. You don’t like bullshit. (Who does?)

3. You actually have lots to say but you just wait for the right time.

4. You normally can’t find topics to talk about and you know people who keep talking do that just to fill in the awkward silences.

5. You hold your feelings in. Even though there are fury storms inside your head, you don’t reflect them.

6. When you are mad at someone, you wait, you wait and you wait until it gets to the tipping point.

Just like those calm professors who flip out one day and throw whatever comes to his hand all of a sudden!

7. You just keep talking on and on when it’s something you know well and interested in. Wow, you missed talking!

8. Just because you are calm, people don’t have high expectations. Time to prove ‘dem fukers wrong!

9. If you went through so much on a certain topic, you feel like it’s unnecessary to talk about it any further.

10. Mostly you think people won’t understand you even if you talked, so you hold it in.

11. You adjust your words and attitude according to the atmosphere. You are quiet with people you don’t know but when you are with close friends…

You are suddenly the glue that holds the parties together!

12. But in truth, you know if you talked too much, things won’t be too different. (Jk jk, maybe different in this case!)

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